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No more waste!

There is no need to remind you of the steady price rises for oil products, and heating oil in particular.  


Sprimoglass Optima's U value of 1.1 W/m²K (90% argon-filled) makes it a champion energy saver. The U value can be understood as the speed at which heat leaves your building. In concrete terms: a reduction of 0.1 W/m²K in the U value of your window represents a saving of 1.2 litres of heating oil per year per m² of window.

The use of high-performance glass such as Sprimoglass Optima is essential to obtain the insulation values required for eligibility for discounts.


Every litre of heating oil consumed represents 3 kg of CO2 emitted into the environment. By helping to save energy, you are taking concrete action against pollution.


The insulating power of Sprimoglass Optima comes from the microscopic coating on one of the glass surfaces (generally surface 3).

This keeps heat inside the building.

The movement of cold air is reduced and the feeling of cold near a window tends to disappear, also reducing the formation of condensation inside. The coating also blocks nearly 65% of UV radiation, helping to protect your interior (furniture, rugs etc.) against fading. The transparency of Sprimoglass Optima is comparable with that of ordinary uncoated glass. It is perfectly neutral for both transmitted and reflected light, providing optimum comfort.


4/16/4 composition, coating on surface 3  

Light transmission Light reflectance Solar factor U (W/m²K) (Argon 90%)
80% 12% 63% 1,1W/m²K

Coating with an emissivity (ε) of 3% – U value when filled with air instead of argon: 1.4 W/m²K – Guideline values calculated according to EN410 and EN673

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