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The Sprimocolor range includes all our enamelled and screen-printed glass. 

The uniform application of colour at a facility equipped with the latest technological innovations leads to harmonious enamelling in a single pass, eliminating the "starry night" phenomenon.


Enamelled glass is a product to which an opaque coloured coating is applied. A uniform layer of enamel is deposited on one of the surfaces of the glass.

It can be used for both exterior and interior applications: façades (double glazing), apron walls, escalator railings, counters, tables, doors etc. The enamels used are environmentally friendly, containing no dangerous metals (lead, cadmium etc.), and their high-temperature treatment guarantees exceptional durability.

Many successful projects bear witness to our ability to satisfy the most demanding requirements. All glass that can be tempered can be enamelled or screen-printed.


Screen-printed glass is a product in which one surface (or even both) is coated with a layer of opaque, vitrified, coloured enamel during the tempering process in order to express an idea artistically. It can be used both indoors and outdoors: clear glazing, cladding, signs and billboards, double glazing, security doors, interior lighting control etc.

The specific feature of screen printing in relation to other printing techniques is that the substrate (the glass) is printed through the printing plate. This means that patterns, designs and shapes can be repeated infinitely. The only limit to its use is the boundaries of your imagination…

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