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Integrated Lattices


Traditional lattices

  • Many colours available (all RAL colours can be produced)
  • Two-tone profiles (RAL colours)
  • Structured profiles (imitation wood or fine structured lattice)
  • Two-tone structured/lacquered combination
  • Standard profile width: 26 mm
  • Other widths available: 18 and 45 mm
  • Thickness: 8 mm

Imitation stained glass

  • Brass or lead colour
  • Width: 8 mm
  • Thickness: 5.5 mm

Viennese lattice

  • Combined with lattices applied to the exterior
  • Widths: 20, 24 and 30 mm
  • Thicknesses: 9.5 and 11 mm
  • Colours: natural aluminium, white, black 

10 x 8 mm lattices

Wide range available: gold, lead, white 


  • Economical: this solution is considerably cheaper than using several small insulating units.
  • Ease of maintenance: window cleaning is not obstructed by the profile.
  • Better insulation: several small glazings mean more heat loss. Here, the insulation of the double glazing (Ug) is not impaired. Cross bars can also be combined with coated glass (Sprimoglass Optima, Sprimolight,...).
  • Ease of ordering: specify the shapes and dimensions. We take care of the rest: calculating the alignment, special assembly, shapes etc.

10 years for lacquered lattices, 3 years for structured lattices.


To avoid any risk of a thermal bridge, an air gap of at least 14 mm is essential with conventional lattices. With coated glass, the minimum requirement is 15 mm.

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