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High-altitude glazing...

Posted on 11/06/2013

You might not know that glazing cannot be supplied in the conventional way at high altitudes.

Several precautions need to be taken if the installation altitude is more than 900 m higher than the production altitude:

  • Lowering the pressure in the unit (when the unit is produced).
  • Installing the glazing quickly on site.
  • Taking care with the risk of thermal breakage. The risk is increased at high altitudes because the sun's rays are more direct. Any shadow falling on the glass (roof overhang, other buildings etc.) can cause thermal breakage more easily than at lower altitudes.

Given these specific constraints and the increase in demand, we have invested to enable our clients to respond to demand outside our borders.

This investment allows us to lower the pressure in the glazing unit so that the pressure at altitude will not lead to stresses in the glass that could break it…

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