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We are a 100% Belgian company active in the processing of flat glass for over 125 years. With no false modesty, we can claim that Sprimoglass is a safe bet in the industry. After all these years, we feel entitled to make such a declaration. We are equally certain that the service we offer is unparalleled.

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Our products

From safety glass for stairwells to acoustic glazing for baby's bedroom. From insulating glass for extra warmth to triple-glazing, just because we can. Our range of products is wide but carefully selected.

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Triple glazing

Insulating Glass

Solar control glazing


Warm edge



Our projects

Look: this is what we are proud of, and this is why we do it. Sprimoglass loves being in the front line, pushing back the limits, but also just anywhere it is pleasant to spend time. Like here and now, don't you think?

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